Barefoot Church
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If you’re asking how you can help prepare for the relief efforts to come, here are two practical ways.

If you, your church, or your organization plan to begin collecting essential supplies, please let us know so that we can coordinate our efforts and get those supplies to what will be the distribution site.

You can give financially to resource our team that is spread across various safe areas outside the impact zone to gather needed supplies before re-entry. This fund is set aside also for the needs that are sure to arise over the coming weeks as we better assess our community’s condition.

Sunday, Oct. 14 Following Abbreviated 5pm Service

Download our app to keep messages, upcoming events, and ways to connect on hand.



Your continued generosity is impacting lives locally, nationally, and around the world with the hope of Jesus expressed through the local Church. We have a variety of ways you can support this vision financially. Above and beyond tithes and offerings, some out of the box ways include seeing if your employer has a gift matching program and setting your Amazon Smile charity to Barefoot Church.