Barefoot Church
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We’d love to see you at church this Sunday.


Morning Experiences: 9a & 11a Evening Experience: 6p

We’d love to see you at church this Sunday.


Morning Experiences: 9a & 11a Evening Experience: 6p

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At Barefoot Church we believe you should live you, the God-given you, because you are worth living.

We’re convinced God sees amazing things in all of us, yes, even you. The way we see it is that everyone matters, has something to offer and is created to do more than the ordinary. That’s why we gather together as a Church—a people of God—who are committed to going all out after what God has planned for us. And we invite you into that journey!

When you make Barefoot Church part of your weekend, we’re confident your week will be different. We make no apology that when you’re banded with this community you’ll be challenged to never settle for anything less than your full potential.


Family is important. That’s why we’ve made it one of our priorities to build up kids, empower parents, develop students, and cultivate opportunities that grow with growing families.

Our Life Development ministry includes our Kids World classes on the weekends, a midweek student gathering, our School of Ministry, internships, and various events that support family life.


We believe that Church is meant to be alive, active, and relevant on more than just Christmas and Easter. Living Life 363 is about reclaiming the other 363 days for advancing God’s mission to change the world by mobilizing the Church to make a difference every day of the year.


Our mission is to reach people worldwide with the message of hope in Christ and help every person become all that God created them to be. Your generous support allows us to connect with people to impact lives around the world with His truth, and to create incredible environments for them to discover and develop their God-potential.