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Ascent Preschool is open Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays throughout the year. This is where young children are encouraged to grow in their understanding and relationship with Jesus. Our teachers are professionally trained and ready to see your child having a blast while learning about the Bible and basic skills.

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Hours: 9 AM – 1 PM
Address: 701 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach, SC, 29582
Location: Upper Kids Building
Runs year-round
3 days a week – $190.00 per month
2 days a week – $165.00 per month
1 day a week – $100.00 per month


(Daily schedules look different for all age groups – this is just an overview to give the parent an idea of what a typical day will often look like.)


9:00-9:20 Arrival / free play

9:20-9:45 Circle Time for 2-year old and up may include:
Prayer, pledges, fun songs, calendar, days of the week, weather, ABC review, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, theme of the day

9:45 Snack & Juice break / diaper check / bathroom

9:50 – 10:55 Interactive story / craft / curriculum studies / centers

11:00 Outdoor or indoor play time / planned activity

11:30 Lunch / Bible story

12:00 Activity / complete crafts or curriculum studies / rest time (as/if needed for younger kids)

12:30 Diaper check / bathroom / free play

1:00 Pick up time

Location: Lower Kids Building
Runs from September 4, 2018 through May 23, 2019

To be eligible for Kindergarten in 2019:
South Carolina State standards state that a child must be 5 years old by September 1, 2019.
North Carolina State standards state that a child must be 5 years old by August 31, 2019.  

$200 per month for the program (3 days a week)

Ascent Preschool provides a well-rounded Pre-K curriculum that fosters whole-child growth and encourages children to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically. Children in our Pre-K class engage in kindergarten readiness activities involving deeper learning and structured skill building.

Kindergarten readiness refers to more than just knowing the ABC’s. At Ascent, we believe that children must also gain skills, such as how to share information in a group, how to ask and answer questions, and how to solve problems and explore solutions. We take a holistic approach to early childhood education, addressing every aspect of a child’s development. The Ascent Pre-K classroom engages children intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially and helps prepare children to meet the expectations that the kindergarten elementary school system has for school readiness.

We encourage children to learn through hands-on exploration guided by teachers who inspire curiosity and creative thinking. The result is well-rounded, confident children who possess the ability to solve problems, make decisions, and engage with others. Not only does our Prekindergarten program prepare children academically for later school success, but it offers opportunities to build social and emotional skills and self-esteem.

Getting Ready for a Lifetime of Learning
Your child will gain independence while getting ready for the transition to kindergarten with a more organized environment. Our passionate teachers will partner with you during this special time making their “senior year” of preschool the best it can be.

Your Prekindergarten’s Day
Your child will explore a variety of cultures, explore arithmetic through simple addition and subtraction and patterns, discover a deeper knowledge of language and its functions, art, sing and dance along with learning rhythms through music, along with lots of other academic studies.

Purposeful Play Is Early Education
Each day is packed with carefully designed activities structured around the six main development areas. Here are a few example activities:

  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Executive Function
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Wellness
  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative Expression

Drop-In Child Care

We offer drop in childcare for kids ages 6 weeks-pre-k. Fill out the online registration form below for each child you wish to register.

Drop in childcare is $25 per day. 10% discount for additional siblings. (No discount is given for less than the full 4 hours).

Payment (cash or check) is required at the time of drop off.

If drop-in childcare is required within 24 hours, text 843.580.6427.
 Printable registration form here.

Register for Drop-In Child Care

At Barefoot Church, we believe children are never too young to begin to discover the plan and purpose God has for their lives. For that reason, our teachers will often remind the children that God created them, loves them, and has a great purpose for them in this world. We believe everyone has amazing opportunities to show children the love of Christ as we teach them in fun and creative environments. Our staff is eager to partner with you to teach your child as they grow on their faith journey with Jesus.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For His kids,

Ann Black

Life Development Pastor | 843.280.1270


Make checks payable to Ascent Education, along with your child’s full name in the memo. Send checks to 701 Main St. NMB, SC 29582

We also offer electronic tuition payment plans.

Use one of these links to setup a new payment plan:

Login to make changes to an existing subscription

We also offer discounts for multiple children. Contact for more information.

What should I bring to Ascent Preschool?




Pacifier/Lovey/Comfort Toy

Change of Clothes

5 or more diapers

Baby wipes

Diaper Rash Cream – if needed



Bottles/Sippy Cups


Pacifier/Lovey/Comfort Toy

Change of Clothes

5 or more diapers

Baby wipes

Diaper Rash Cream – if needed


Sippy cup with child’s name

Lunch and a drink with child’s name

At least 3 diapers with child’s name written on front.


If potty training or trained, a complete extra set of clothes or more for those little accidents



Lunch and a drink

Water bottle

Sunscreen (Optional)

If potty training or trained, a complete extra set of clothes or more for those little accidents

Please make sure all items are labeled. Beginning is the 2 & 3 year old classes, teachers begin to teach independence and responsibility. As kids learn to put their own items away, labeling becomes very important.