Jan 13 – Feb 2


During this time of prayer and fasting, we are offering a free daily devotional delivered every morning around 6am.

Text “fast” to 843.280.1270 or visit this link to signup to receive this devotional via text message or email every morning.

Church-Wide Goals

As we begin this time of corporate fasting, consider joining us in prayer for the following church-wide goals:

  1. Breaking ground: Pray for God to release provision and open doors so we can break ground on our church property in 2020.
  2. Financial provision: Pray that we as a church can come together to reach our second faith goal of $3.5 million in financial commitments to Living the Vision.
  3. Church operating budget: Pray that we meet our general operating budget for the year so that we can continue to serve our community well.
  4. Community and purpose: Pray that everyone who comes through our doors finds hope in Jesus and a life-giving community of people. Pray for more Life Group leaders to rise up so that everyone in our church can find a place to be planted, thrive, grow and learn more about who God says that they are.