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Our destiny is caught up in our connections.

–Crystal Blakely, Life Groups Coordinator 

Our lives can change in an instant when we are connected to the right people. Nothing and no one that God puts in our path is ever a mistake.  God never intended for us to do life alone. Our journey can always help someone else get through their journey!

There are different kinds of groups.


While other groups are open to any age and stage of life, these groups have specified a certain age range, marital status, or gender.


Focused on a specific book, DVD, or general study of Scripture, these groups build off of a specific material.


Focused on a certain season in your spiritual journey, these groups are designed to equip you to strengthen your relationship with Christ in a specific way or get to your next step.


Centered around a common activity or interest, these groups allow for organic relationship building with great intention.

We have lots of different types of groups available for everyone! Anything from a fitness group, to Bible studies, Christian book studies, fun, Christ-centered outings for couples, and a group for 20-30’s to connect with relatable people. There are groups that study and discuss Pastor Clays weekly message, as well as his book Hope Is Here. We even have a group for new believers that need mentoring and direction in their walk with Christ. And if you want to lead a group…we have a group to teach you how to do that, too!

Many of our groups have chosen to note meet over the summer months. Contact our coordinator, Crystal Blakely, for what groups are currently available to plug into.

Phone: 843.280.1270 ext. 100

Out of all the connect cards we receive on a weekend, the biggest thing we see is people who want to join a life group. We truly believe life is better together, and that’s why life groups exist. For continued growth, we are constantly inviting  building and equipping leaders to start their own Life Group. If you’re a partner at Barefoot Church you can lead a group. If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry! We will be offering training opportunities for those who need it.

If you are interested in starting your own Life Group, fill out this brief form and we will contact you with more information.

Lead A Group