The Life Development ministries exist to build all students into their God-designed purpose.

Ann Black, Life Development Pastor

Relevant for Each Age and Stage

While you attend service, your kids can engage in exciting, age-appropriate environments.

Leading middle and high school students to maximize their potential.

Every Wednesday night, we create a safe and engaging place for your student to learn more about Christ and who they are in Him.

Ascent Education

Learn more about our Ascent family. We have education programs ranging from preschool and K-12th classes to internships and an online college.

5-Star Leadership Program

Our team has been cultivating a system for better developing our student volunteers who are serving during the weekends, especially our brand new 6th graders who are transitioning from kids to student and adult services. We are striving to build them up to be incredible leaders!

This is where we’ve created the 5-Star Leadership Program. In it, we have identified the 5 main areas where we currently see students serving in and thriving at during the weekends! This is something we invite any 6th–10th grade student to apply for.