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Ascent Christian Academy is a K–12th grade private school that is committed to the scholastic, spiritual, and holistic development of your kids. Our program is centered around the desire to best prepare every individual student to fulfill their unique, God-given purpose.

Join us for a parent information meeting on May 18th at 6pm to have your questions answered, see the facilitiy, and hear an overview of ACA.
Location: 701 Main St., N. Myrtle Beach, SC; Kids Building, Rm. 206

We’re here for you.


Ascent Christian Academy educates with excellence while leading students to an enthusiastic commitment to Christ that inspires them to impact their world in powerful ways.


Students at Ascent Christian Academy are challenged to become leaders who achieve academic excellence as they effectively prepare to use their skills,  gifts, and abilities to follow God’s purpose for their lives.

A History of Committment


ACA may be new on the block, but our passion for the holistic, personal, and progressive development of kids runs deep within our leadership team. Our core team leaders are those who spearhead and support the highly successful Kids World programs at Barefoot Church. We are proud of seeing kids’ lives transformed by Jesus by sharing the Good News in creative, relevant, and memorable ways every weekend. With that as our foundation, we have also helped leaders develop, across multiple generations, to walk in their purpose. This is what we’re all about! And as God expands our reach, we are so excited to bring that passion, dedication, and leadership into the setting of a K– 12th grade private school.


Classes for ACA will be held in the rooms of our Kids World buildings, right beside our Barefoot Church Main Street location (701 Main St., N. Myrtle Beach, SC). These will be flipped from our Kids World environment during the week to accommodate classroom-style learning. For information regarding our passing of inspection in preparation for the launch of ACA, use the form above to get in contact with our team.